Did You Know?

The longest tunnel on the NER was (and still is) Bramhope, between Leeds and Harrogate, 2 miles 241 yards long.

Privacy and Data Protection
NERA holds data on its members as needed to allow it to perform its functions. Additionally, for selling purposes, all orders for products and services will be accompanied by contact details provided by purchasers (NERA members or the public). Such data are held on secure computers or
servers to which only authorised officers have access.

For financial transactions performed via online forms, NERA uses PayPal to manage the buyer’s financial details, passing the transaction over to their secure website. Consequently, NERA neither sees nor stores any financial data such as credit card numbers or logins.

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Did You Know?

In 1907, an engine driver on the NER earned an average of £2.47 per week, and a signalman earned £1.45.