Model Showcase

The North Eastern Railway Association has many members whose models represent locomotives, trains and infrastructure from our area of interest. Our extensive archive of photographs and documents can help you achieve a realistic model. You can also use the members’ forum to post modelling questions and read about others’ interests.

Here we have a gauge 1 meths-fired NER Class Z Atlantic at the head of a rake of NER 1908 pattern corridor stock. The loco was built by the late Tom Barratt about thirty years ago and painted by Chris Dean with added detail. The corridor stock was built by the late Fred Newman and was also painted and lined by Chris.

Photo: JC Dean

This is a shot of the Keighley MRC “Ravensbeck” layout in gauge O, taken at their exhibition in October 2017. Not quite sure about those signal aspects…

Photo: AN Mackay

At the same exhibition the Runswick Bay gauge O layout was on display, said to be its last “outing” as it has been sold privately. Here we see the gates opening for a train.

Photo: AN Mackay

The South Pelaw Junction layout is to 4mm scale EM gauge, and is based in the 1950s. This is where the Pontop & South Shields line from Washington met the connection from the main line at Ouston. A class 9F has arrived from Tyne Dock with loaded iron ore hoppers for Consett, and the sister engine seen in the distance will be banking the train up the hill.

Photo: Tony Lambert, courtesy of Martin Lloyd

Also in 4mm scale, David Addyman scratch-built this ex-NER class D20 4-4-0. A full description of building the model is to be found in North Eastern Express between February 2016 and May 2017.

Photo: D Addyman

Mick Nicholson models signals in 4mm scale and here is a bracket signal based on a Hull & Barnsley prototype at Springbank North Junction, Hull. The arm on the right is a North Eastern replacement for the original H&BR doll; from 1952 there were BR upper quadrant arms on the other two dolls, and H&BR distant arms below – three companies on one signal!

Photo: M Nicholson

Here are a couple of slightly smaller signals, made by Bob Jones for his 2mm finescale Fence Houses layout. Note the 20p piece for scale!

Just in case you think our members are only interested in models of steam locos, here we see 2mm finescale Deltic D9007 Pinza on an Up EP passing Fence Houses, while class 14 D9526 shunts empty coal wagons.

Photo: Bob Jones

It’s not just diesel locos that attract our modelmakers’ attention – here is Paul Ross’s 7mm scale Shildon to Newport electric (No.11), exquisitely painted and lined by Dave Studley. The loco was built from a Judith Edge Kit – if you prefer they produce a Quayside electric, a couple from the Harton Colliery system, and even the unique passenger loco No.13, in both 4mm and 7mm scales.

Photo: D Studley

Here are some of Paul Gallon’s models in 4mm scale – first of all his exhibition layout “The Deopts, Rosedale East” with a North Eastern (ex S&DR) long-boiler 0-6-0, a brake van of the period, and a rake of wagons. The sheep seem unimpressed, unlike us…

Photo: Paul Gallon

Even though an LNER locomotive has appeared at Rosedale with a brake van to match, the sheep remain more interested in grazing.

Photo: Paul Gallon.

Paul has also made a diorama of a North Eastern goods yard and here we see the warehouse and a small timber yard building in the distance – painted in NER buff and red-brown.

Photo: Paul Gallon.

If you would like to contribute an article or photographs of your models to our quarterly magazine North Eastern Express, our editor John Teasdale would be delighted to hear from you. He can be reached by email using the contacts page.

Drop in again soon as we plan to show more models on a regular basis.