Trade and Commerce of the N.E.R. District, 1912



This facsimile of an 1912 NER publication gives a fine overview of the trade and commerce in the North East of England. The geological features and products of the districts are considered with a detailed review of the Great North and Yorkshire coalfields. Tables of output and export figures provide a graphic reminder of the growth of the importance of the North East in the provision of raw materials. The ironstone, chemical, engineering and shipbuilding industries are all detailed. As an instance a substantial part of the output of the salt works around Haverton Hill was forwarded to the chemical works in Gateshead and Hebburn. For each group of ports in the North East there is a broad description of the port facilities together an outline of the principal products dealt with. The shipping interests of the NER are also mentioned. The text is supported by numerous full page and folding maps illustrating the extent of the coalfields and industry spread around the Humber, Tyne and Tees with the location of the numerous private sidings. With the substantial changes in North East industry in recent years this book serves to add a prospective as to the wealth in trade behind the growth of the North Eastern Railway in the period up to World War One. It should also give modellers many ideas on traffic flows for their layouts.

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