Signalling the Hull and Barnsley Railway (eBook)




Through the generosity of our member Nicholas Fleetwood we are able to offer his 2010 study Signalling the Hull and Barnsley Railway as an eBook. Only a limited number of copies were produced by the author and all were soon sold.

The book covers the general background to the Hull & Barnsley Railway and a detailed description of the signalling on the line, including an explanation of the working of the Lock and Block system. The description of the signal boxes includes 4mm to 1ft scale drawings of the various types in use. The types of locking frame used are also listed and illustrated. Photographs and scale drawings illustrate the general description of the signals and ground equipment used on the line. On the operational side there are sections on signalling the layout, rules and regulations, and traffic working. This is rounded off with a brief description of the relatively few accidents that occurred on the line, details of the pay and conditions of signalmen and of the Engineer’s staff, together with a list of some of the known H&B signalmen.

A review at the time stated “…among the most comprehensive studies of the signalling of an individual railway, including as it does the personnel who worked on it and a list of known H&B signalmen with their locations.”

Illustrated throughout with photographs and drawings, there are 155 pages.


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