A History of North Eastern Railway Signalling




This newly-reprinted book, the first to be devoted to the subject, explores the historical development of signalling on the NER, with particular reference to the signals and signal cabins which helped to give the railway its characteristic appearance. At the same time, the development of rules & regulations, the telegraph and block signalling are described and illustrated. There are numerous track and signalling diagrams for a cross-section of locations, along with a wide range of scale drawings of equipment and signal cabins. Signalmen’s conditions of employment and the NER’s pioneer acceptance of union representation are covered, as well as a selection of those accidents which were relevant to signalling. Finally, the special techniques needed to model slotted-post signals are described.
The book is the product of much in-depth research and draws on original source material as far as possible; it has been published with financial support from the Ken Hoole Trust. There are some 450 illustrations, 95 in colour.

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