Railway Snowploughs of the North East




Unlike many European counties and North America which have significant snowfall every year and have built up counter-measures to keep railways open through the winter months heavy snow causing widespread disruption comes periodically to the United Kingdom. This has often resulted in transport suffering as managers weigh the cost of interrupted services against equipment investment costs. Railways that cross the Pennines and those built in the Highlands of Scotland are the most vulnerable and had to take more measures to avoid trouble. Most railways introduced small ploughs attached to locomotives. However the Midland, Highland, and the North Eastern Railway took measures beyond theis, introducing snow ploughs of significantly greater proportions. This book traces the history of the snow ploughs in the north-east from before the blocking of the East Coast main line in 1886/88 to British Railways days, as well as LNER proposals, post-nationalisation deliberations and the North Eastern Region ploughs with comparisons drawn to developments elsewhere in Britain. Working methods are covered as is the disruptive influence of snow on the railways in the north-east.

This 88 page A4 size publication is printed on gloss art paper throughout with a gloss colour card cover. There are over 80 monochrome photographs, together with numerous line drawings, diagrams, tables and appendices.
ISBN 978-1-873513-88-0

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