NER Wagon Diagrams, Volume 2




This publication contains the diagrams for all wagons designed and built by the North Eastern Railway after 1904 up to the first few years under the LNER grouping. All designs extant at 1904 were published in the original NER publication issued to senior staff in that year – a facsimile of this is also available from the NERA. Volume 2 sees the development of North Eastern designs such as the diagram P17 12 Ton Coal Hopper which increased the carrying capacity of this type through oil axleboxes and better brakes. Other designs like the diagram F9 10 Ton Perishables Van also increased carrying capacities over that of previous designs only able to carry 5 Tons. Completely new designs such as the diagram P11 Combined Coal and Goods Wagon were designed to carry coal from the Yorkshire coalfield for shipment at Hull returning with goods on the journey back from Hull.

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