NER Wagon Diagrams, 1904




This facsimile reproduction of the North Eastern Railway wagon diagram book, issued in 1904, portrays all the designs extant at that date. Before this date wagons had been generally known by their colloquial description (i.e. Low Goods, Covered Goods, etc.). With large capacity wagon designs being introduced, such as the 12Ton diagram G2 Covered Goods Van in 1904 and the 20 Ton diagram P7 Coal Hopper Wagon in 1903, this diagram book is a rational attempt at tying together similar groups of wagons by a letter and number code. The main purpose behind the issue of a diagram book was to enable station masters and goods agents to order the right type, size and quantity of wagons to carry the traffic to hand. To avoid having to issue general arrangement drawings to these officials small scale diagrams were prepared which gave the main inside and outside dimensions, tare weight and carrying capacity. Interestingly whilst the wheel diameter and journal sizes are quoted there is no indication of which wagons were fitted with Westinghouse or Vacuum brakes.

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