North Eastern Railway Magazine, 1911 – 1926




This fully searchable DVD covers the complete run of North Eastern Railway Magazine from its start in 1911 to the last issue in 1926. After 1926 it was replaced by the LNER Magazine.

Articles contained in the magazine are very wide-ranging from railway interests describing parts of the system, their operation, new developments to items of historical significance and news features complete with photographs, plans and diagrams. As a staff magazine it also carried features about its staff, officers and directors, their societies, social gatherings, presentations and retirements. Staff transfers between stations are noted, as are those who joined up during World War One and, more sadly, those who did not return from serving their country.

Each year made up a volume, so there were 16 volumes in all. Each volume has been professionally scanned from the original which has given what are, in effect, accurate photographic reproductions of each page. To make it possible to search through a volume, so you can find every occurrence of a word or name, optical character recognition (OCR) software has been used to convert the ‘photographs’ of text into an actual word file. On the screen this word file is not visible but nevertheless it is there, aligned with the picture you do see. To use this DVD you will need a PC or other computer with a drive that can read DVDs. If you do not already have ‘Adobe Reader’ on your computer instructions on how to obtain this are included on this DVD.

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