NER Appendix to the Working Timetable, March 1st 1874



This reproduction of an NER Appendix to the Working Timetable is one of a number for the years 1873 to 1875 which are housed at the Ken Hoole Study Centre within Darlington North Road Station Museum. The date, March 1st 1874, being the first time that the ex-Stockton & Darlington section had been included and is hence the first complete list of NER signal cabins. The Stockton & Darlington Railway became the NER’s Central Division from 13th July 1863 but retained a degree of autonomy over it own affairs until 1876. The N.E.R. Appendices at this period were issued at the same time as the Working Timetable, that is, once every three months. Certainly by the 1880’s, appendices were only issued every two or three years, whilst the WTTs were still re-issued four times a year.

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