LNER (North Eastern Area) Passenger Timetable, July 1923


LNER (North Eastern Area) Passenger Timetable, July 1923


This publication reproduces the LNER’s first summer public timetable for the North Eastern Area after the ‘Grouping’ . The timetable details the services provided over ex-NER lines as well as trains on the East Coast Main Line. Through services or carriages run to other railways are shown in separate tables. It also provides information on sleeping and restaurant cars attached to trains. Summary tables give the full service between major towns in the North East. The running of push-pull trains (typically a NER BTP class with one or more driving trailer coaches) are indicated by the annotation ‘Steam Autocar’. Services provided by ‘Rail Motor Bus’ are detailed as are ‘Motor Omnibuses’ operated by the LNER in the Beverley and Durham districts. Passenger services over jointly owned lines, such as the Axholme Joint or South Yorkshire Joint, are included, as are those provided by the independent light railways such as the Nidd Valley, North Sunderland and Easingwold.

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