LNER Newcastle District Mineral Train Timetable, 1927



This 63 page facsimile reproduces the pattern of mineral train working on the lines in the Newcastle District. Perusal of the working timetable will often lead one to question how and when the vast coal traffic was handled in the North East. Unlike booked goods (merchandise) workings between traffic centres where flows were more consistent mineral traffic was fairly regular in quantity but the times at which train loads were ready at collieries varied. To arrange a regular booked service was seen as potentially wasteful, as there were many days when certain trains would not have been required. However it was possible to choose a number of ‘open times’ suited to the economic operation of mineral trains and gather these together into a timetable. Whilst the existence of a path in this timetable does not necessitate the running of a train at that time it does imply if a train was required it was to run, except under special circumstances, at the times shown. This timetable gives such workings on lines out as far as Haltwhistle, Alnmouth and Blackhill but also includes workings in the Percy Main, Blyth and Ashington areas.

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