LNER (NE Area) Carriage Roster, July – Sept 1932




This facsimile is a reproduction of the LNER’s North Eastern Area Carriage Roster. The carriage roster was compiled to show the formation and working of coaching stock. Carriages were mostly formed into ‘set’ formations which would routinely work a number of trains over one or more days before going onto the work the same roster again or take up another duty. These ‘fixed’ sets were referred to as ‘composition’ or ‘link’ sets, i.e. they were made of a certain types of coaches giving the required number of seats. For example ‘Composition A’ sets were formed of 4 carriages; 1 x Lavatory Composite, 1 x Third, 2 x Brake Third, the latter with 3 compartments. Extra coaches could be added to these fixed formations at periods of higher demand, i.e. morning/evening peak services, market days, summer Saturdays and bank holidays. The ‘set’ formations could also be added to one another or a ‘portion’ added for a specific train service (a ‘portion’ could be a restaurant car or compartment stock – e.g. set 380). The Bridlington – Hull and Harrogate – Bradford morning/evening services had club saloons attached (see sets 104 and 307). Parcel vans, milk vans were also attached to set formations on slower passenger services. The roster also details the working of the LNER steam railcars – some of these were intensive (e.g. the Harrogate – Knaresborough and West/East Hartlepool shuttles – sets 428-28, 468) and some were not (set 474 Bridlington – Selby). Complete parcels trains were also run within the North east area. Inter-area and foreign companies coaching stock working into the north east are also detailed. Complete trains include the Newcastle-Bournemouth, Leeds-Glasgow, Newcastle-Swansea and through coaches; Glasgow – Scarborough, Aberdeen – Penzance, Hull -Swansea, etc.

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