BR Working of Local Freight Trains, Darlington District, June 1953




This facsimile publication is a reproduction of the North Eastern Region’s local freight engine workings for the Darlington district. Whilst the working timetable set out the goods workings between major traffic centres and branch goods trains, the Local Freight Trains book set out the regular mineral and ‘trip’ workings between the marshalling yards and collieries & works sidings. These provided major industries with the flow of raw materials and cleared wagons loaded with finished goods or empties on a regular basis. Apart from mineral trains and return empties from collieries and quarries to the staiths or works most of the traffic presented to the railways called for sorting to be carried out in marshalling yards. Numerous shunting engines carried this out – with the station and works pilots Darlington had 19 such duties on weekdays alone. The district encompassed a wide area from Saltburn in the east, the Hartlepools, Middlesbrough, Newport through Darlington and West Auckland out as far as Kirkby Stephen in the west. The pattern of workings served the principal industries in the area with many of the major businesses and sidings being mentioned by name.

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