BR Passenger Locomotive Working, York and Hull Districts, June – Sept. 1963




This facsimile publication is a reproduction of the North Eastern Region’s local passenger workings for the York and Hull districts for the summer of 1963, covering workings from the East Coast across to the Pennines, from Selby to the south and Whitby in the North. Also included are London Midland and Eastern Region duties that take their engines across into North Eastern Region territory. East Coast main line workings are covered by a separate publication. The workings are arranged on a shed-by-shed basis with an indication of the locomotive class that would normally be rostered for the duty and the enginemen’s hours.


Diesel Multiple Units have taken over the majority of branch passenger services within the North Eastern Region by this date based at Botanic Gardens, Nevill Hill, Hammerton Street and Darlington depots. However the considerable traffic in parcels and mail still required some passenger trains on the secondary routes to be steam hauled to enable a number of parcels van to be hauled as ‘tail traffic’ – DMUs were strictly limited by their horse-power to the odd van on the flatter routes. The region utilised class 37 diesels, based at Dairycoates for weekday freight traffic, on summer Saturday trains to the coast. Passenger shunting pilot duties required at major stations to perform shunting duties are included.

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