BR Passenger Locomotive Working, Main Line, June – September 1952




This facsimile publication is a reproduction of the North Eastern Region’s East Coast Main Line passenger workings to and from Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Doncaster Grantham, Peterborough. It also covers the inter-regional and express workings within the region. Eastern and Scottish Region duties that take their engines across into North Eastern Region territory are also included – local workings from the sheds covered here are covered by separate publications.

The workings are arranged on a shed-by-shed basis. An indication of the locomotive class that would normally be rostered for the duties is given.

Also contained are the engines provided as main line pilots in case of emergency at Tweedmouth, Gateshead, Darlington and York. Crew rosters are separately listed and cross-referred to the locomotive workings so the men knew which turns applied to them

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