A History of the Newcastle and Berwick Railway




The history of the Newcastle and Berwick Railway (N&B) was selected as a suitable subject for a book to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the North Eastern Railway Association. Although the N&B provides one-sixth of the East Coast Main Line’s mileage it has never had a detailed account of its origins and development. Its existence is not a forgone conclusion as a hard battle had to be fought to get it built and, following declining freight and passenger traffic, it was even proposed for complete closure in 1983. Electrification in 1991 and an upsurge in rail travel now sees it with a secure and profitable future. This history covers the remarkable events leading up to the authorization of the railway, explains its choice of designs for structures and buildings, together with the development of its signalling and train services. The three main stations, Morpeth, Alnmouth and Tweedmouth together with the Kelso branch are given detailed coverage.

This 120 page A4 size publication is printed on gloss art paper throughout with a casebound colour cover. The book contains 160 photographs, maps and line drawings plus tables and appendices.
ISBN 978-1-873513-75-0

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