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The NER was the first railway company to recognise a trade union, and to agree to arbitration as a method of settling disputes.

Binders for North Eastern Express

Keep your copies of North Eastern Express in pristine condition, and easily accessible for reference, with these custom-made binders! With a water-resistant covering in NER green, the title and NER crest are shown on the spine in gold. The binders hold 24 A4-size copies and use a spring-loaded nylon cord method which has been in use since it was developed by our supplier in the 1930’s. Simply open Express in the centre, firmly pull on the first free cord to the left, slide the magazine below the cord, and release. Done!

If you want one binder, order a Single Binder below, costing £10.50.

If you want two binders, save money and order a Pair of Binders below, costing £17.50.

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Did You Know?

If you plan to visit the National Archives, our research guides to NER and constituent company documents may help. See our Shop page.