What area do you cover?

The territory of the former North Eastern Railway, extending roughly from north of Doncaster to the Scottish border, and from the east coast to the Yorkshire and Durham dales.

What period do you cover?

From the inception of railways to the present day.

Do you cater for modellers?

Yes, we have many members who model railways in the north east and modelling articles feature regularly in our quarterly journal North Eastern Express.

Do you sell books on North Eastern Railway subjects?

Yes, we have a good range of books on the NER, as well as facsimiles of original railway documents. Please see the shop page.

How can I join?

Please see the membership page.

My relative worked for the railway in the area – how can I find more about them?

The Head of Steam Museum in Darlington has extensive records of railway employees. More details are also given on the archive page.

What is there in the archive?

Please go to the archive page.

Can I find out if others share my interest in a particular topic?

Of course! Members can post questions and answers on our Forum page. If you wish, you could also post a question on our Facebook page, or drop a line to our Editor or Archivist using the contact form. Our members are regularly involved in primary source research at County Record Offices, the National Archives (Kew), and elsewhere.

I have some old material relating to the railways in the north-east – would you like me to donate it?

Please click on the Collections Policy button on the archive page.

I am building a model based on the NER – can you help?

Please contact the archivist here.

I have a different question?

Contact us