Chaldrons in 4mm scale

NCB Chaldrons

Following the press release we can now reveal one of the modelling projects NERA have been supporting with research information over the last few months, the Chaldrons in 4mm scale, with the manufacturer, Accurascale. As is usual with this manufacturer they have produced a range of body profiles, five in fact, including S&DR, NER, Hetton, Londonderry, with different brakes, wheel patterns and bang plates to suit each variation. A ‘greedy board’ adds a sixth variant in body style. With many NER and S&DR Chaldrons being sold on to collieries a wide range of livery options will be available from mid-Victorian to late 1970s.

The product press release, with images of the un-liveried engineering prototypes, specifications,  and artwork for the liveries of the 1st set of eleven different packs, can be viewed on the Accurascale website at:

Chaldron — Accurascale

There is also a release video, produced in collaboration with Hornby Magazine, filmed on location at Beamish Museum. This can be viewed by the following link:

hornby magazine youtube – YouTube

Historical research has been provided by Bob Langham and Paul Jarman at Beamish Museum, and the North Eastern Railway Association.

All images ©Accurascale

Earl of Durham Chaldron
NER Chaldron
Londonderry Chaldron

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