Container Traffic from Tyne Dock

Photo: Michael Rising

Michael Rising was at Green Lane bridge, Tyne Dock, on Saturday 2 October. He writes “This is the first (ever) intermodal to work to Doncaster from the Port of Tyne. The empty container flats 4S43 arrived from Doncaster GBRf at 0930. The return working 4D44 with 66 713 left at 1340, 15 minutes late, but by Skelton Junction 18 minutes early.”

Here’s a photo taken by member Chris Dean at rail level back in 1967, looking under the same bridge – what would the 54B (Tyne Dock MPD) staff make of it all? At least there is still freight moving over the line, although neither coal nor iron ore.

Photo: copyright JC Dean, NERA Collection

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