NE Express 241


Washington Station, LNER. Bryan Jackson
North Eastern Region Passenger Traffic Survey, 6 August 1960 : Other Services. John Gibson
What did I do on 6 August 1960? Peter Harrod
Wensley Station Remittance Bag. Neil Mackay
Model Topics : Fine Scale Class Z Rescued from Rural Hampshire. John Shaw, NER Company Steward, HMRS
Durham Station Road Motor Garage. Bob Kell and Bill Fawcett
Gateshead Locomotive Works (Greenesfield) : Notes on the Works Pattern Shop. Kenneth L Watson
More on the Morris Tracklayer. JM Wild
Whitley Bay – Glasgow in 1960. John Gibson
The North Eastern Railway’s Accommodation Crossings. Nicholas Fleetwood
Model Topics : NER Carriages. David Addyman
News in Brief. Edited by John Ainsley
William Keel, Justice of the Peace. Ian Mitchell
James Hannay Sheppard. Peter Maynard
Model Topics : An O Gauge T2 on the Geordie Line. Nic Ashmore
Wormald Green : Some Miscellaneous Items. James Rogers
Bridge Repair and Renewal : Esk Valley Line, and Gilberdyke

Front Cover : Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth & Company (Engineers) Limited began to build advanced diesel-electric locomotives in
the aftermath of the Great War as a means of keeping its factories busy. This is Works No D22, one of six 15 ton 0-4-0 diesel-electric
shunters built for stock in 1933 / 1934. It was bought in 1937 by the engineering company A Reyrolle & Company Limited, Hebburn.

It worked there until sale in 1970 to a local scrap merchant for use in his yard; by this time, the original Armstrong-Saurer engine had
been replaced by a Gardner 6LW. The shunter was retired in the late 1970s, and was bought for preservation by the Tanfield Railway
in 1978. It is seen here on 2 January 2021. (Rob Langham)

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