NE Express 239


‘How frightful the idea’ : a collision at Boldon Lane in 1839. Rob Langham
Holbeck, 1898. James Rogers
North Eastern Region Passenger Traffic Survey, 6 August 1960: Holiday Expresses. John Gibson
Darlington North Signalmen Post Nationalisation. John Midcalf
A Hull & Barnsley Locomotive on the Far North Line. Ian K Watson
Jacky Duffin Wood Level Crossing. Graham G Teal and John G Teasdale
The Morris Tracklayer at Work in the North Eastern Region. JM Wild
Baldersby and Monkton Moor : Stored Wagons. David Beeken
Great Western Railway Brake Vans in the North East. Colin S Brown
An Observation Train through the Yorkshire Dales, 13 May 1934. Peter Maynard
News in Brief. Edited by John Ainsley
Book Review. What Lies Beneath – The Navvies who built the Bramhope Tunnel & the Leeds & Thirsk Railway
A1 Pacifics in their Last Years. John Ainsley
Goods for Wm Hudson & Sons, Troy Mill, Horsforth
Norton-on-Tees : Signal Passed at Danger. Richard Gowing
Model Topics : ‘Foreign’ Locos. David Addyman
Greylag Geese at York Station
Spoil Trains from Gascoigne Wood Mine

Front Cover : London North Eastern Railway’s High Speed Trains ended their East Coast Main Line careers in December 2019,
though some them were transferred to East Midlands Railway. Here we see an East Coast HST at Newcastle Central when it was
operated by Great North Eastern Railway; it is working The Northern Lights, the 10:30 King’s Cross to Aberdeen on 19 February 2003 (John G Teasdale)

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