Alnwick 1966

Photo JM Boyes courtesy Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust

Back to steam haulage for this photo – and a couple of puzzles. Class K1 2-6-0 62011 is standing at Alnwick with the stock of an afternoon departure for Alnmouth, with the loco crew attending to the tender axleboxes. This John Boyes photo is dated 19 March 1966; there are also photos taken that day by Ian S Carr – but they show 62011 without the white line around its smokebox numberplate, and what seems to be an intact shedplate. In addition, loco and tender are both clean. The small white post near the trainshed wall on the left is also a mystery – it seems to be a “DP” or Distance Point post. However the NER line diagram shows that the Alnwick DP was placed at the buffer stops, the correct location for a terminal station. There would have been another DP at the end of the branch line from Coldstream, but this would be at the junction points near the signal cabin. If anyone can solve either puzzle please get in touch via the contact page.

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