Update May 2020

Dear Website Visitor,
Thank you for taking a look at the NERA website. We have introduced a menu item Gallery which replaces the earlier Picture of the Month. The gallery contains a new Model Display Cabinet – showcasing models with a north eastern theme – and prototype photos, some right up-to-date, and some older ones. Please keep an eye on these pages as we will be adding new material as it comes up.
Our online shop continues to operate and we are delighted that so many of you have ordered one or more publications.
Please let me take this opportunity to welcome new members, and to express the hope that it will not be too long before we can get acquainted personally at one of our meetings. Meanwhile enjoy your membership – it’s your association so please take an active part, and don’t hesitate to let us have your comments and contributions!
Neil Mackay, Chairman

Did You Know?

The worst railway accident in the area was the derailment at Goswick, south of Berwick, in October 1947, when 27 people were killed.