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A brief history of NERA, the North Eastern Railway Association.

The North Eastern Railway Association was founded in 1961 as a focal point for interest in the North Eastern Railway, its predecessors, its contemporaries and its successors.

After more than half a century of active research, recording and curation, NERA possesses an archival resource that reflects the Company together with the industrial, social and commercial history of the North East of England and its people.

NERA members interests cover all aspects of operations of the railway - from locomotives, rolling stock, stations and signalling, through to time tabling, shipping and road vehicles - offering the broadest base of experience and insight for the general enthusiast, the model maker, the researcher or the simply curious.

An active programme of meetings is in place, with meetings held throughout the year in venues in York, Darlington, Hull and London, together with a supporting programme of seminars, visits, walks and tours.